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About me

My name is Huub van Hazendonk. I have been working in construction for over 33 years now and have my own company. I specialise in renovations and rebuilds, but I also do interiors and furniture.

Wood is and will always be my passion.
By always keeping my eyes open to learn more from my colleagues I have built up knowledge about a lot of different areas of my profession. Learning more and more made me want to look for a new challenge. I found this challenge in Spain.

My partner Elise Hendriks has been living in Spain for many years already. After regularly visiting her, the decision to look for a house to renovate in Spain was easy.

During the summer of 2016 Elise took me to the house of a friend that was for sale: the Masía San Antonio, an old farm of 320 square feet, that needed thorough renovation, but that also had the potential to become a 23 hectares campsite.

After some initial resistance I joined Elise to go and see the house. My arguments that it would be too big a project were gone in a second when I arrived at the site and stood in front of the house: I was sold. The views, the peacefulness and the silence made a deep impact on me.

I decided that this was going to be the project on which I was going to use all my professional knowledge. This will become the campsite that I will be able to share with guests in the future. The farm was old and needed a lot of work, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love. Buying the house was not a hard decision.

In the coming years I will be working on the project during my holidays and when I have time off. I’m getting the enthusiastic help of locals, family and friends, and especially Elise when it comes to the Spanish language, permits, licenses and how to apply all of this.

In parallel with that I will continue my business in The Netherlands with just as much enthusiasm, and with the help of my son Davey who in the coming years will take over.

Informatie over camping rural La Masía (la Masia) waar je heerlijk kunt kamperen, wandelen en genieten tussen de olijfbomen. Mooie uitzichten in de omgeving van Concentaina ( Alicante ) in Spanje