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La Masía

In the middle of Camping Rural La Masía, there is an old farmhouse, of which the ground floor dates from around 1100.

Centuries ago this was the place to get together, to harvest, and to trade.

Around the farm there are 23 hectares of olive, almond, fig and pine nut trees.
The land has wide terraces (bancales) that slope down to a ravine, on the edge of which you can find a small ruin.

Peacefulness and nature
On the campsite you can find peacefulness, silence and freedom. Due to the size of the terrain you can camp amongst the olive groves and feel like you are on your own.
Straight out of your tent or caravan you find yourself in nature where you can enjoy hiking, bike and car routes.

Because La Masía is located so high up (550 metres), you have an amazing view all around. For example, you can see a 13th century castle on a cliff called Castilla de Penella. The area is named after this little castle.
You can also see a range of mountains, for example the Montcabrer, Serella, Serreta and the highest mountain of the area the Aitana (1558 metres).

The campsite is situated close to the city of Alcoi and the village of Cocentaina. In both places you can still clearly see the influence of the Roman, Moorish and Christian eras. You can enjoy a drink with a tapa on one of the many terraces, or in the afternoon enjoy a daily set menu (menú del día) at low prices.
You can also experience the festivities of the Moors and Christians that take place in every city and village in spring/summer time. In Cocentaina that is always around the second Saturday in August. In Alcoi it is from April 22 to 24.

Informatie over camping rural La Masía (la Masia) waar je heerlijk kunt kamperen, wandelen en genieten tussen de olijfbomen. Mooie uitzichten in de omgeving van Concentaina ( Alicante ) in Spanje