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Hiking routes

You can take various hikes on the terrain. The land is high up, about 550 metres, so you get an amazing view in all directions.
De Masía looks out, for example, to Castillo de Penella, a 13th century castle, built on top of a high rock.

If you want to make a long hike then there are several options. One of them is to take a four-hour walk around the Barranco of the Pennella (Penella Ravine).

Natural parks

The campsite is situated close to two big natural parks: Font Roja and Sierra de la Mariola. These areas have many hiking routes, varying from short and simple to long and extended walks.
It is also possible to contact a local guide, who can take you to the most beautiful places.

Font Roja

Between Alcoi and Ibi you can find the 2450 hectares natural park, Font Roja. Typical of this area are the mountain ranges covered in forest, of which the Sierra del Menejador is the highest (1356 metres). This forest features very unique tree types and is very well preserved.
On a walk through the Font Roja you can visit a small cave where it is always 7 degrees, summer or winter.

Sierra de la Mariola

This beautiful natural park runs to 17,000 hectares and is situated between several old villages where you can find the ruins of several castles. It is full of valleys and rivers that cross the area, as well as waterfalls and lakes in which you can swim.
In the Sierra de la Mariola grow a lot of unique herbs that you can only find there. With these herbs a local drink called Calles Herbero is made. Its a liqueur that smells and tastes of anise. The Montcabrer is the highest mountain of the area at 1390 metres.
You can explore the area by foot or by mountain/racing bike.


 Apart from hiking, there are a number of other activities available in these natural parks:



Aitana Safari Park

At the foot of the Aitana mountain there is a big safari park. From the car you can see a wide variety of wild animals.




Motorways to the coast.

If you want to go to the coast you can take two different beautiful routes straight through the mountains.
The first one passes through several villages, eventually arriving at the beach of Benidorm. The second route takes you by Castell de Castells to the direction of Jalon.

– The route to Benidorm

If you follow signs to Guadalest from Benimantell village, you will arrive at this old village after a couple of kilometres. You can visit a couple of the museums and of course the fortress and the lake of Guadalest. Worth a visit!

– Via Castell de Castells

This old mountain village has a few nice restaurants where you can have some good food. Bear in mind that most of the time the kitchen does not open before 2:30pm for lunch.


You can also visit Alicante or Valencia (not just for shopping).
Also in a small city such as Alcoy you can spend a nice day shopping.

Do you like markets? Cocentaina has a big weekly market on Thursdays.

Do you like flea markets (‘rastro’ in Spanish)? A lot of places at the coast have amazing flea markets.




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Informatie over camping rural La Masía (la Masia) waar je heerlijk kunt kamperen, wandelen en genieten tussen de olijfbomen. Mooie uitzichten in de omgeving van Concentaina ( Alicante ) in Spanje